Character: Sutton

First apparition:   2003


He is originally from London, but moved to New York. He is also in a band called Urban Desire. He’s the DJ, but sometimes plays the keyboard. Sutton is also a dancer and computer expert.

Sutton is best friends with Bryant, River, Hudson, and Ellis. He is also friends with Barbie, Chelsea, Nolee, Delancey and Kenzie and he is romantically linked to Madison. Madison and Sutton are romantically linked in some webisodes and doll lines but never in the movies. He was also romantically interested in Jai in Jammin' in Jamaica.

Physical description

Sutton is the "Master Scratcher" for the band. He’s the "artistic" character, by expressing his creativity through art. He likes collecting comic books. He also draws and he creates two My Scene™ Adventure comics based on his friends. Sutton is a sweet talker with an English accent and he can often charm girls in New York with it.

Sutton is a muscular teenage boy with black hair, dark skin, brown eyes and facial hair on his chin. He often wears glasses.


He is named after Sutton Place in New York.
Sutton's birthday is on April 17th, making him an Aries. Sutton's birthday also sometimes falls on Easter, which can be anywhere on/from March 22nd to April 25th and it's mentioned in the girls' Journals
Sutton's Husky is called Yukon, but in My Scene: Masquerade Madness, he was shown to be a tabby cat instead.

  • Sign: Aries
  • My look: Black-rimmed glasses, urban and laid back
  • Where from: London
  • Fave snack: Fries (I called 'em chips)
  • Fave pastime: Making my own music
  • What I look for in a girl: Someone who's sweet... but can be sassy, too

I'm completly digging NYC. And not to brag or anything, but I'm pretty good with the girls here. My accent helps! Plus, I'm a fantastic dancer.


Sutton is one of the main My Scene boys. He was introduced in the Back to School line.

Barbie / My Scene: My Scene

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