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Margaret Rawlins Roberts is the mother of Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly (later called Chelsea) and Krissy. She and her husband, George, were the first of Barbie's relatives in her history to appear. Margaret appeared in Barbie's first book, which she performed in 1960. Margaret is a housewife and she is always there. she busy in the kitchen. Her husband is George Roberts. Margaret and George have 5 daughters: Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly/Chelsea and Krissy. She also has an older sister named Millicent.

Physical description

Margaret Roberts is the mysterious mother of Barbara Millicent Roberts. She is a robotics engineer and has appeared in the Netflix series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. Born on July 17, 1971. She loves her family most of all and she is a good mother to her children. She loves to cook, knit and she hates messing around the house. She is a nice, kind, helpful, optimistic, pleasant and calm woman, affectionate and warm. She may be 36 to 46 years old.


His sister is Millicent Rawlins. Margaret doesn't like going into the house, she prefers to be out of it. In the movie "Barbie's Diary" they mention her, however referring to her as Aunt. George and Margaret originally had a son named Todd. Todd was Stacie's twin brother. Todd was eventually suspended. and disappeared. Margaret has a good friend who is the mother of Midge, Barbie's best friend.


TV series "Barbie dreamhouse adventures"

Margaret has never appeared in any Barbie movie yet, her first appearance on television was in the Barbie series Dreamhouse Adventures. Before appearing in this series, we only had references from some old Barbie books and comics. Margaret was mentioned in Barbie Diaries (2006) and in Chelsea's column, titled 'Fun Plans with Your Sisters (2015). She was also mentioned in an episode of Sam and Mickey called Barbie's Mother.



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