Character: George Roberts

First apparition:   Libro de Barbie
Collection:   Heart Family Commercialization:   1960


George Roberts is an engineer. He is the husband of Margaret Roberts and father of Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly/Chelsea and Krissy. George loves his work and is a very active person. He really loves Barbie and wants everything good for his family. He has five children: Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly/Chelsea and Krissy. He had a son named Todd, but he was eventually suspended and nothing more has been heard from him.

He is Barbie's father and her sisters, Barbie is her first daughter, their relationship is very close and good. He love spending time together. They travel often, go to wash the car, play, joke and watch television together.

George tried to teach Barbie everything he knows. He is very funny and loyal to her. He is happy to have a daughter like Barbie.

Physical description

George Roberts is a tall and charming man. He was supposedly born in 1970 but as Margaret said, George is sixty-eight years old. He has black glasses and gray hair. He has blue eyes and his signature attire is a blue collared shirt and a white undergarment underneath him. He is wearing gray pants.

& He is a kind man, a little serious and intelligent. He often reads newspapers and watches television. He also loves to talk about everything, such as: sports, work, movies, fashion and so on. successively.

George works in architecture, a former documentary director and loves the fact that his ancestors lived as pioneers. He tries to do the same with his daughters to show them what life was like without technology. His daughters adore him. George is family oriented and he is very fair.


George has a sister-in-law named Millicent Rawlins who has a daughter named Kristen Rawlins.

George's sister is called Marlene Roberts and she has two children, a boy named Max Roberts and a girl named Marie Roberts.

It is unknown if he has enemies and/or friends of his own.


His first appearance was in the first Barbie Book with his wife in 1960.

She has also appeared in digital format in the television series "Barbie dreamhouse adventures".

George has never appeared in any film, yes. She has appeared in the Barbie television series and her first appearance was in the first Barbie book.

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