Character: Madison

First apparition:   2002


Madison is a Leo. She is the band manager for Urban Desire. Madison gets around in her father 's limo, and she loves to hang out on 5th Avenue and at The Dish. Her favorite vacation spots are Paris, London, and Milan, and she has been to Jamaica with her friends for the Beat to Beat music competition. She dreams of being a songwriter and music producer.

Madison's friends are Barbie, Chelsea, Nolee, Nia, Kennedy, Kenzie and Delancey. Her guy friends are River, Hudson, Bryant and Ellis. Madison is romantically linked with Sutton in webisodes, doll lines, and in Madison's journal. Madison and Sutton are never romantically linked in any of the movies. In the Hanging Out webisodes, Madison once had a dream she kissed River. At first, she felt it may have been a crush, but she soon dismissed the dream as her seeing River and herself as reaching the same level of musical success together. They remain close friends. In My Scene Goes Hollywood, Madison had a crush on an actor named Ryan Ridley. When Ryan revealed that he never liked Madison and only dated her for publicity, Madison was humiliated and devastated. She later apologized to her friends for mistreating them because of her relationship with Ryan.

Physical description

Madison is the "shopper of the gang." She loves shopping for both herself and her friends. She lives with her father. She can't go anywhere without her journal because she loves to write in it. She was born in Birmingham, Michigan, but raised in New York. She is shy and worries a lot about her and her friends not getting in trouble or having problems. She enjoys traveling in style, and spends her time getting manicures at her favorite spa and horseback riding. She considers dinner and dancing with a guy she finds attractive to be the perfect date. Madison loves "urban music" and songwriting. She writes songs for Urban Desire. She says her friends are precious to her. Her favorite pizza is ham and pineapple (Hawaiian). Her favorite food is honey-roasted cashews.

Madison is a slender teenage girl. She is African-American and has long, brown curly hair, brown skin, and blue eyes.


Madison is named after Madison Avenue, a major shopping district in New York City.
She has a pet brown Terrier dog named Bella.
Madison's birthday is on August 3rd. Her birthday was shown in Happy Birthday Madison
In her journal, Madison says that her father's nickname for her is "LoveBug."
Although, it's shown that she lives with her dad, she mentioned her mom in her journal so it's unknown if her parents are divorced or not.

  • "'Sign:'" Leo
  • My style: Ultra uptown & urban
  • Fave accessory: Can't pick just one!
  • "'Fave pastime:' "Getting manis and pedis... sooo fab!
  • "'Don't go anywhere without:'" My Journal
  • "'Perfect date:'" Dinner and dancing with a hottie!
  • "I'm all about the clothes. Even if I'm not buying - not that that happens much - I could spend hours just checking things out and trying things on!"


Madison is one of the main My Scene characters and also one of the three original characters. She was introduced in 2002 alongside Barbie and Chelsea. In Europe, she is known as "Westley."

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