Character: Marlene Roberts


Marlene Roberts is Barbie's aunt, George's sister, and Margaret's sister-in-law.

She has 2 children, Max and Marie.

Physical description

Marlene has brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin. She works for and owns the Alpine Riding Academy. Marlene has a talent for caring for horses, pets, and her children. She is very nice, happy and has a good sense of humor.


Etienne Cheynet is her friend and co-worker and Bridget Cheynet is her friend.

She has two dogs, one named Popcorn (Popcorn) and another named Sebastain.


Appears in the television series "Barbie dreamhouse adventures".

Quotes in the television series:

I may have to sell the academy.

Why Are we hiding from Dash?

Ah! Your dream horse. Every cyclist has one.

It will be We better call a doctor to examine his arm.


Etienne Cheynet, Bridget Cheynet

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