Character: Becky

First apparition:   1997 Commercialization:   1998


Becky -I'm the School Photographer is a doll that was released in 1998

Physical description

Becky (1997-1999) A friend of Barbie who uses a wheelchair. She used the Teen Skipper head mold, but only three dolls were made.

This blonde, beautiful and very collectible, Becky I'm the School Photorapher is one of Barbie doll's school friends. She is & aacute; disabled and in a wheelchair, but that doesn't stop her. She is the school photographer and travels to all school events with Barbie and the gang to take pictures for the yearbook.


This name was also used for a friend of Barbie in 1997 and for a friend of Francie in 2009.

The box art featured the 'Cool Blue Barbie' doll.



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