Character: Millicent Rawlins


Millicent Rawlins is the aunt of Barbara Millicent Roberts. 

Physical description

Millicent Rawlins is Barbie's aunt and Margaret's sister. 

Millicent is kind, a bit optimistic and a talented designer; she loves fashion, singer and artist. She owns and runs a fashion house in Paris called Millicent's, with only one other employee, a young teenager named Marie-Alicea. Every few years, she flies to New York City.

Millie has pale skin and gray hair, but her hair used to be brown, as you can see in her eyebrows.


Family and Pets

Margaret Roberts (Sister)

Barbara Millicent Roberts (Neice)

Captain Roberts (Neice)

Chelsea Kelly Roberts (Neice)

Stacie Roberts (Neice)

Juliana (cat)

Jack Russell (Dog)

Kristen (daughter)


Her first appearance was in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale.

She is nicknamed Millie in Barbie: A Perfect Christmas.


So, Barbie, I'm telling you, if no one likes what you do, does it make sense to keep doing it?

I found the hobby for me! Paddle surfing!

I'm going to pick myself up and move to the country!

Oh, Alice...

What it is going on with that boyfriend of yours? What was his name, Ken?

Parkour! French show jumping! I've seen young people doing it all over the city and I've been practicing all day.

Once I passed summer nights under the stars. One of them was Sinatra.

I'm caressing myself.

You work in an office that is not connected. in her house

I think it is a common courtesy that everyone I come into contact with speaks English to me.

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