Character: Allan/Alan Sherwood

First apparition:   1964 Commercialization:   (1964–1965, 1991, 2002)


In the time of 1964, a few years when male and female roles were very marked, Allan Sherwood came to play the role of Midge's boyfriend, one of the Barbie doll's friends.

In the end, poor Ken was left without the one who would be his accomplice and his best friend a couple of years later, and Migde, single. The red-haired doll was discontinued and was not heard from again until 1991 when it went on sale again, but with the name Alan, with one less "L", he was reintroduced as a husband of Migde, who were offered separately, since “Alan dressed as a husband” and “Migde dressed as a bride” were sold.

Alan and Midge were dating and after a while they got married. They had three children as part of the Happy Family line:

  • Ryan, three years old.
  • One year old Nikki.
  • Baby Cassandra.

Since Barbie couldn't get pregnant, the idea was that Midge was pregnant with her daughter Nikki, with a belly that she could remove. The problem arose when the pregnant doll was sold without a husband and wedding ring. She was re-released with a picture of Alan and with a painted ring to symbolize that she was married. This did not please the families and the doll was discarded again.

The series "Happy Family" was suspended and Alan was no longer marketed.

This character has been relaunched several times (1964–1965, 1991, 2002).

Physical description

Alan Sherwood is Ken's best friend and Midge's boyfriend.


There is a rumor that on its box you could read the legend “All of Ken's clothes fit”, which caused people to begin to speculate about a homosexual relationship between both dolls and the company discontinued the product in 1966. At that time it was not accepted and that is why they withdrew it from the market.

It is rumored that a pregnant Migde was sold to silence the rumors that there was more than just a beautiful friendship between Ken and his colleague Allan.

Allan's name was changed by dropping an "L" to Alan when he reappeared as the father of Midge's children in the "Happy Family" series of dolls and playsets.

Allan has always been a little valued doll and little desired by collectors.


(1964–1965, 1991, 2002) (2023 Barbie The Movie)

In 2023 Allan appears in Barbie The Movie, played by Michael Cera, who feels different and confused between Ken dolls and Barbie dolls, after years of being ostracized.


Midge Hadley (Novia) Scott (Hermano) Ryan Sherwood (Hermano) Ken Carson (Mejor Amigo) Steven (Mejor Amigo)


Midge Hadley (Girlfriend) Scott (Brother) Ryan Sherwood (Brother) Ken Carson (Best Friend) Steven (Best Friend)

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