Character: Bibble


Who is Bibble Barbie?

Bibble is a character from the Fairytopia films. He is the tender companion of Elina, the main character of this film saga.

In the first film he becomes an important character by helping Elina defeat an evil fairy named Laverna. The acceptance that this character had generated that she appears again in the next two installments: Mermadia and The Magic of the Rainbow.

Physical description

Bibble has big eyes, its soft body is turquoise and has lilac spots.


Their language is known as Bibblingo. Bibblie doesn't speak, he only says a few phrases like:

  • Yippe-doo! (Hooray)
  • Elina-pu (Elina)
  • Nighty-nighty, Dizzle-poo
  • Aba-dabba-doo (when she wants to explain something)
  • Nu-Uh! (No)

Bibble Barbie: memes

One of the characteristics that she possesses is that she cannot communicate in the language used by the magical humans and series of the Barbie universe . She has a particular language in which she expresses herself through meaningless words that are basically interpretations of sounds.

Her way of being and how she communicates would have been the main reasons why she was considered to become an Internet meme. In addition to being an adorable character, Bibble became very famous on social networks for the memes of her different expressions. “ be born”, “if you wish”, “wacala”, “I am dead, I am not for anyone”,among others.

 For example, 

When you want to not be bothered.

When your colleague goes into an existential crisis:

There will always be a moment for this meme:

When you were wrong... Again...

You can find many more on Google, these are some of the ones that were most ;s viral at the time.


Bibble is a character from the Barbie Fairytopia universe of all the Fairytopia films, except Barbie Fairytopia: Butterfly and the Fairy Princess.

Although there are not many details about her birth, it is known that her appearance in the cinema is due to the saga of Barbie Fairytopia films

The first time she went out It was in the 2005 Barbie movie Fairytopia, where Bibble helps Elina defeat the evil fairy Laverna and finally get her wings.

Later Bibble came out in the other Barbie Fairytopia movies:

  • Barbie Fairytopia: Mermadia
  • Barbie Fairytopia: Rainbow Magic (in this film another speck appears, Dizzle, with whom Bibble befriends).

Yippee-doo! (Hooray!)
Elina-poop (Elina)
Nighty-night, Dizzle-poop (Good night, Dizzle)
Aba-dabba-doo (Explanation)
Nu-Uh! (No way!)

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