Character: Marie Roberts


Marie Roberts is the daughter of Marlene Roberts and currently lives at Alphine Riding School in Switzerland.

Physical description

Marie is cheerful, creative and adorable. She has a "unique" sense of style when she decides what to wear to the prom in Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale, but with her usual clothes, she is dressed very feminine and sweet. She is a fan of robots, samurai, dogs and scorpions. She is simpler than her brother Max. She stops her brother when she tries to teach Stacie about the English saddle.

Marie is a talented rider, but she is not yet old enough to compete.



Marlene Roberts (mother)

Barbara Millicent Roberts (cousin)

Max Roberts (twin brother)

Stacie Roberts (cousin)

Chelsea Kelly Roberts (cousin)

Martha Roberts (aunt)

George Roberts (uncle)

Popcorn, dog

Sebastian (dog)


Appears in the series "Barbie: dreamhouse adventures".


But mine has scorpions!

What do you think the samuari robot travels on? Skateboards?

You are really here!

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