Character: Christie O'Neil

First apparition:   1968 Commercialization:   1968 -


(1968-2005, 2015) Christie was the first African American friend character of the Barbie doll, Christie was part of the new group of Talking dolls for 1968. Christie was later issued as a version Twist 'N Turn.

The character appeared It was in the product line continuously for many years, although Christie's original sculpture was discontinued after this. in 1978. Christie is notable because she has been romantically linked to several male characters over the years. In 1970, she became involved with Brad, the Talking Brad doll even said "Christie is the best."

In 1982, the Sunsational Malibu Christie doll had a boyfriend named Ken who wore Brad's face sculpture with rooted hair. In the late '80s, Christie was paired with Steven. The surname O'Neil is associated with the character Nikki, said to be Christie's sister, but the surname has not been directly associated with Christie. The doll has been criticized for following American beauty standards rather than representing African cultural body image, representing only one skin color tone, and because its sculpted features were seen to symbolize white standards of beauty.

Christie was discontinued when Barbie had Nikki as her new African-American friend, although Nikki wore Christie's face for a time, the name change of almost the same doll was never mentioned. In the 2015 Barbie movie, Barbie and her sister at a puppy rescue, Christie is the name of one of Barbie's old friends from Willows, Wisconsin.

Physical description

Christie is almost exactly like Nikki. Christie is sporty, friendly and her favorite color is green.

On the back of the 1999 Beyond Pink Christie box, her birthday is listed as August 9.


Christie O'Neil is one of Barbara Millicent Roberts' former friends. She is the sister of Nicole O'Neil and was released in 1968. She was discontinued in 2005, sometimes said to have been 2006. Christie was often seen alongside Barbie and Teresa. She can appear in different outfits and with different objects.

Barbie, Teresa and Christie 'sang' the Think Pink! album on iTunes.

Christie is said to be Steven's ex-girlfriend.

Nikki (sister), Barbie (former best friend) Teresa (former best friend), Ken (former friend), Steven (former friend)



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Nikki, Barbie, Teresa, Ken, Steven...

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