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The first day they met, Courtney told Grace that she didn't really care about school. She just wanted to be a cheerleader!

Grace knew that her little sister could do better. That's when they made a deal! If Courtney turned in all of her homework and got an A on her next test, she would be able to cheer on her high school team at a soccer game. real!

Guess what? Courtney worked very hard at school. It started to get A and B in everything! Grace was so proud. He taught him Courtney a dance routine and gave her a pair of special pompoms to keep!

They had fun cheering together at the game. Now they are both excellent students too!

Physical description

Courtney has dark hair.

Hers Her birthday is November 4, which makes her a Scorpio.

she likes to play dress up and dance. She is very Indian.


Courtney is a character from the So In Style line.


So In Style.


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Courtney (Chelsea-sized

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