Character: Blaine Gordon

First apparition:   2004


Blaine is a male doll produced by Mattel in 2004. He is a return of the New Yorker Blaine Gordon produced at the beginning of the Generation Girl line of the year 2000 and who had now moved to Australia. Blaine loves hip hop.

As part of a large-scale advertising promotion by toy manufacturer Mattel, the eve of Valentine's Day 2004 aired released a press release announcing that the world's most famous fashion doll couple, Barbie and Ken, were separating.

Shortly thereafter, Toy Fair 2004 introduced another male doll to the beach-themed Barbie Cali Girl toy line. This was Blaine, a native Australian boogie boarder who is now on the move. dating Barbie. The Blaine "Cali Guy" dolls appeared in stores in late June 2004.

It was spoken a lot of this, both in the press and on the Internet. The Blaine dolls were initially very popular, and even gained popularity. He took an online poll on the website, handily surpassing Ken in the hearts and minds of the online public.

For almost two years, Blaine was the man in Barbie's life. No new versions of Ken were produced during this period, but his presence was felt throughout. He came across the "Handsome Groom" dolls, which were basically Ken dolls without Ken's name on the package. In mid-2006, Ken returned to work. brought Barbie back to life, with a much-hyped "new look" and a more updated, modern image. No New Blaine dolls have been issued since.

Blaine has a sister named Summer, who, according to the "Cali Girl" story, is a good friend of Barbie and the reason Barbie met Blaine. to Blaine.

Physical description

Birthday: May 3

Sign: Taurus

Favorite food: Mexican (pizza and chili dogs)

Favorite saying:  "Dare me?" "Do I dare?"

Pet: "No time for pets, friend!"



Blaine Gordon (2004) Barbie's Australian ex-boyfriend, whom she dated. during his much-publicized "breakup" with Ken's character. Blaine is said to be Summer's brother, one of Barbie's friends. Blaine does not appear in any of the Barbie series, but was originally a Generation Girls character and showed interest in Ana.

Blaine, Barbie's Australian ex-boyfriend from 2004, with whom she dated during her highly publicized "breakup" with the character Ken.



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