Character: Anastasia 'Stacie' Roberts


Anastasia 'Stacie' Roberts is the younger sister of Barbara Millicent Roberts. She was introduced in 1990 and was previously known as Tutti and Stacey, only she was spelled differently.

In the 60s and 2000s she had a twin named Toot and previously he was Tutti. She tells herself that she hates her sisters a lot and still hates them. Stacie isn't very cooperative. In one episode, she is shown that she hates baths, but ends up falling into one. She often gives assignments to her Sisters.

Physical description

Barbie and Stacie look a lot alike. They have different skin tone and eye color. She is also not blonde, so Stacie is often seen with dark blonde hair.

Stacie enjoys sports and dresses mainly in pink and purple. She is talented at all things glamour, but she becomes frustrated when she discovers that she is not getting what she wants. However, she always gets what she wants. In "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse", she appears to be at least 10 years old. In the Wee Three Friends line, Stacie was said to be 11 years old.

Stacie is very rude, unorganized and domineering, especially in "Barbie: Life in the Dream House." She is also naughty.



Max Roberts

Marie Roberts

Marlene Roberts

Margaret Roberts

Millicent Rawlins

George Roberts

Barbara Millicent Roberts

Captain Roberts

Chelsea Kelly Roberts


Courtney (2008) (Diamond Castle)

Janet (Little Three Friends)

Lila (Wee Three Friends) (Midge's sister)

Hallie (Summers' sister)

Annie (Summers' other little sister)

Cherridy (Teresa's other sister)

On, Stacie states that she has many friends and she couldn't believe how many of them could fit on her table in the cafeteria during lunch. However, this may be sarcasm.


Rugby (hamster)

Taffy (dog)

Taffy Puppies (Dogs)

Bilissa (cat)


Stacie Quotes

"But not too slow. Did I mention he was a natural athlete?"

"Correct! Skipper! You're on decoration duty!"

"You're right, Barbie, this is cool!"

"You don't have to be a baby about it."

"Hug? There's no time to hug!"

"I'm going to need more clipboards!"

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