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The color pink is Barbie's favorite, specifically the Pantone color is PMS 219 C, called Barbie Pink, which is the color that Mattel registered a few years ago, but it is not the only color you can wear if you want to be a real Barbie.

viste como una Barbie

Dress like a Barbie, be a Barbie

Awaken your chic and glamorous side by dressing up like a Barbie! Let your creativity soar as you mix and match bright colors, fun patterns, and eye-catching accessories to create looks worthy of a fashion doll. Be bold, be daring, and showcase your unique style to the world! There are no limits to imagination when it comes to looking like a Barbie. So, dive into your wardrobe and get ready to dazzle with your elegance and sophistication!

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Barbie Woman fashion

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Find Barbie clothes, Barbie bags, Barbie shoes and everything you can think of to be a real Barbie!

viste como un Ken

Dress like a Ken, be a Ken

It's time to awaken the Ken within you! Dare to dress with style, elegance, and a touch of adventure in true Ken fashion. From classic suits to more casual looks with a modern twist, there are endless possibilities to express your personality through fashion. Set trends, stand out, and showcase your confidence to the world with every outfit! There are no limits to creativity when it comes to dressing like a Ken. So go ahead, explore your style, and be the star of your own runway!

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viste como una Barbie o un Ken

Children s Fashion Barbie & Ken

Get inspired by fashion and experience the magic of being a Barbie or a Ken! Turn your wardrobe into a world of color, style, and fun. Whether you're rocking the most elegant and sophisticated outfits like a Barbie, or showcasing your adventurous and modern style in true Ken fashion, every day is an opportunity to express who you are through fashion. Be creative, be brave, and let your imagination soar! Discover the power of fashion and become the star of your own style parade.

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Barbie & Ken Children s Fashion

Barbie & Ken Children s footwear

Did you know that Margot Robbie in an interview with Architectural Digest about Barbie's iconic closet and its influence on the style of the film, expressed her enthusiasm for the design of the closet and the clothes it contains, recognizing the influence of another iconic film Clueless. “The goal was to create something equally elegant and captivating,” she said. Margot also referenced the magic viewers can expect when Barbie changes outfits in the film. “Every day Barbie's outfits are magically pre-selected and appear in her wardrobe. With a turn and a glance, her clothes adorn her effortlessly, allowing her to move forward with confidence. The next day, her new outfit awaits her behind the closet doors, ready to continue the fashion extravaganza,” she added.

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