Collaborations on web content

BarbiePedia requires a lot of work, one person can't do it all, which is why collaboration is so necessary among the people who love Barbie, her world and what she stands for.

With the collaboration of people who selflessly decide to spend a little of their personal time on this page, the result that today everyone can enjoy is achieved, with a database that is as complete as possible and with the fewest number of errors.

You can collaborate in different sections or in just one, collaboration is altruistic, you decide how much time you want or can devote to it and What contributions do you want or can make.

  • Add or suggest catalog content
  • Report errors in the catalog
  • Report wrong photos
  • Add or suggest new information
  • Send photographs for the identifier
  • Create or suggest blog content
  • Report errors on the blog
  • Add or suggest character files
  • Report errors in the files
  • Give material

You can collaborate spontaneously, once or constantly, contact Barbiepedia through one of the social networks if you want to collaborate and indicate what you would like to collaborate on. Thank you for collaborating!

Do you want to donate material to Barbiepedia? You can donate dolls, fashions, playsets and anything related to the world of Barbie, such as books, magazines, collectibles, catalogs. All the material donated will be used to expand the content of the page. Thank you very much for donating material! This helps to be able to include new photographs, make explanatory videos, unboxing, reviews and endless useful content for the community. Credits and mentions will be given.

Collaborating People

Our skills

100% love for dolls
90% Doll knowledge
100% Wish to collaborate

Social media collaborations

Barbiepedia is present on 6 social networks: Instagram: @barbiepedia_oficial, YouTube: @BarbiePedia, Facebook: BarbiePedia, Twitter: @pediabarbie, TikTok: @barbiepedia, Pinterest: Barbiepedia. Barbiepedia is not present on any other social network and only has an account on the mentioned social networks. Any other account does not belong to Barbiepedia.

Dissemination of the page and its content

Barbiepedia is a page that contains a lot of information about the Barbie verse and is currently being cited as a source of information in video content on social networks, publications on social networks, newspapers worldwide, other Barbie fan pages and pages on other topics .

You can collaborate with Barbiepedia by citing its content, talking about the page, reporting what you can find on the page, playing and/or encouraging other people to play the Barbiepedia games, whatever you think of will surely be a good idea! !.

Barbiepedia Social Media Spreading

One way to collaborate with Barbiepedia is by helping Barbiepedia grow on social networks in order to reach more people, For example, you can make a publication on your social network informing about Barbiepedia's social networks, you can comment on videos that have been published on social networks, make a duet on TikTok or whatever comes to mind ;) One way to notify Barbiepedia of your spread is by using the hashtag #barbiepedia or by mentioning Barbiepedia on the social network.

Other social media collaborations

Can you think of another way to collaborate through social networks? Write us through one of our social networks to the Barbiepedia account and we will discuss it.

Rewards for collaborating on social media with Barbiepedia

Barbiepedia offers the possibility of acquiring an affiliation Avatar to people who collaborate on social networks and wish to do so. This privilege is exclusive for registered people who meet the requirements indicated in the Barbipedia Avatars FAQ.

Muñecas Barbie periodistas, emprendedoras

Editorial Ethics

Veracity of the information

All the information we publish is contrasted to ensure that it is true. To meet this objective, we try to document ourselves with primary sources, which are the focus of the news, and thus avoid misunderstandings or inaccurate interpretations of the information. Sometimes there is some controversy between the year of release and the year of sale, there are pages where we can find differences, Barbiepedia uses the official release year of Mattel.

We do not have any kind of political or commercial interest and we write from neutrality, trying to use our objectivity and logic.

Specialized editors

The intention of the collaborations is that each person who collaborates knows perfectly the theme they work on. So that you can get to know them, we leave information about these people on this same page and links to their social profiles and relevant information.

No Clickbait

We do not use false or sensational headlines in order to attract the reader without having anything to do with the news. We try to make the content rigorous and truthful, so the titles of our articles correspond to what you will find in our content. We try not to generate expectations about content that is not in the body of the news.

Quality and excellence of the content

We create quality articles and content and continually seek excellence. Trying to take care of every detail and bring the reader closer to the information they are looking for and need.

Correction of errata

Whenever we find an error or report it to us, we review and correct it. We have an internal error control system that helps us constantly improve our articles, as well as prevent them from happening again in the future.

Continuous improvement

We regularly improve the content of barbiepedia. On the one hand, correcting errors and, on the other, continuously expanding the catalogue, the blog, creating sections and new content and much more. Thanks to this practice, all the content of the websites is transformed into reference and useful content for all readers, whatever they are reading.