Barbiepedia Apps

In Barbiepedia there is always something new, the applications section is here! In this section you can find all the applications created and designed by and for Barbiepedia. I hope you enjoy them as much or more than I did creating them!

Barbie Birthday

    Have you ever wondered what a Barbie doll created in the same year you were born would look like? With the Barbie Birthday app, you can relive the fashion and style of your birth year through Barbie dolls. Select the year and let yourself be surprised by the essence of that time captured in our designs. Share the charm of the past with friends and family, and celebrate the magic of memories.

    Discover the Babrie of your birth

Barbie Remember

    Do you remember those Barbie dolls that made you dream and explore imaginary worlds during your childhood years? In the "Barbie Remember" application, you can immerse yourself in a selection of the dolls that marked your youth. Reconnect with old plastic friends and relive the excitement of moments full of fun and adventure. Share the magic of your memories with other Barbie enthusiasts and keep the connection with your inner child alive.

    Discover the Babries of your childhood

Barbie Scale Converter

    Have you ever wondered how real-world measurements would translate to the wonderful scale of Barbie dolls? Do not look any further! Barbiepedia presents you with a unique and extremely useful tool: the Barbie Scale Measurement Converter. Get ready to explore the world of Barbie from a whole new perspective.

    Barbie Scale Converter

BP Fortune

    Do you have an unanswered question? Is it difficult for you to make a certain decision? Do not despair. Barbie has all the answers! Ask Barbie anything you want, she will give you the answer to any question! Remember that you can consult Barbie whenever you need quick and accurate advice. Enjoy the BP Fortune app from Barbiepedia, it's always available to you and it's free!

    BP Fortune


    Barbiepedia never stops and I keep thinking about how to take you beyond current applications. Soon, you will be able to explore new experiences that will capture the essence of Barbie in different moments and contexts. The intention is that there is something for every Barbie lover. As soon as the next app is available, it will appear here.