Collector's Terminology - Abbreviations

Sellers describe Barbie dolls using the letters C-1 through C-10. With C-1 they describe a doll in very poor condition, that has been played a lot, and instead, a C-10 Barbie doll would be a "new condition" also presented as an M/C Doll.

All Original. This phrase is often used on online auctions and other doll websites to describe a particular doll.

Hard to Find. Common abbreviation used on online auctions and other doll websites.

Mint in Box. Doll in perfect condition in original box. Like fresh from the factory.

Mint in Package. Similar to MIB. It denotes that all accessories are still in their original packaging.

Mint No Box. Without box (doll in perfect condition, without box).

Near Mint. Interchangeable with "excellent" when describing a doll's condition.

Never Removed From Box.

Original Swimsuit.

“out of box”, means "ready to use".

In collector language it means “hard to get” for international collectors, many of whom are passionate about these “rare” or “foereign” versions of dolls.

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