BarbiePedia, the Barbie universe in one place!

BarbiePedia was born from the idea of having a complete, intuitive and easy-to-use database in English and Spanish. After a while of development, it occurred to me that since it is a page made to measure and not the typical CMS (Wordpress and/or others), I could create something bigger, something better, something unique and this is the result, a very complete page with unique sections that you will not find anywhere else.

Every idea that occurs to me, I think about it, develop it and implement it, if you find any error, please report it to me through Facebook or Instagram, They are the social networks that most often notify me with notifications, I will answer you as soon as possible, Let's think that I'm just one person and that I can't always be available, that our schedules can be different and I can, for example, be sleeping, buying food and I may even have constipated and be on rest due to illness, if I do not answer you at the moment, I ask for your patience.

BarbiePedia is not only a large database, it also has very interesting sections and sections desired by collectors and/or lovers of the Barbie world, such as;

  • Lists of catalog items that you can share
  • The most complete Barbie Catalog of all times
  • Customizable user account
  • Avatars and Collectible Backgrounds
  • Barbie song lyrics
  • Barbie books, magazines and collectibles
  • Barbie series and movies
  • Barbie collections and collaborations
  • Useful and entertainment applications
  • Barbie Games to learn and enjoy
  • Search engines and filters
  • Barbie Identificator
  • Barbie Blog
  • Barbiepedia Achievements and Rewards
  • Surveys about Barbie
  • And much more!

In BarbiePedia there is always something new, the web or social networks are worked on practically daily, both in the implementation of new functionalities, bug fixes, adding new content to the page, creating content for social networks and anything you can think of, Check in regularly so you don't miss a thing!

How to collaborate

In BarbiePedia you can collaborate in multiple ways, such as;

  • Creating Catalog entries
  • Reporting Barbie Catalog Errors
  • Create Barbie Character Sheet entries
  • Reporting errors in Character Sheets
  • Creating BarbiePedia Blog Entries
  • Reporting Bugs from the BarbiePedia Blog
  • Reporting Barbie Identifier errors
  • Creating content for social networks

You can find more information in the collaborate section of the web.

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