The Winner Is Revealed

 The Winner Is Revealed

Members voted for the vintage repro Christie doll we’re bringing to our Spring 2025 collection. Which of the three choices came out on top? Find out in the forums.

On the forum you can find this message from January 8th posted by the administrators:

Hey, Barbie Signature members!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our 2023 Member Vote last month! We were blown away by the number of votes and all of your fantastic feedback in both the forum and on our announcement article. For those of you who were keeping up with everyone's replies, it was pretty clear who the most popular choice was... (and the final tally of votes reflected the same thing)

We know the suspense has been getting to everyone, so without further adieu, I'm proud to announce our next Christie Doll!

The winning doll is...

Golden Dream Christie!

Christie Golden Dream

Could contain: Figurine, Doll, Toy, Person, Adult, Female, Woman, Face, Barbie, Dress

(Please note: All images are for reference only. Final production design, colors, and textures may vary.) 

We're so excited to bring this vintage repro to you all in the near future! Are you planning on adding this gorgeous doll to your collection? Let us know in the replies!

This doll will be released for sale for the spring 2025 collection.

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