Stereotypical Barbie and Rare Barbie

Stereotypical Barbie and Rare Barbie

In Barbie the Movie, there are different types of Barbie dolls, but there are two very different types of Barbie dolls, the stereotypical Barbie and the rare Barbie.

Stereotypical barbie

"Stereotypical Barbie" refers to the classic and more common version of the Barbie doll that has been around since its creation in 1959. This version of Barbie has been criticized for promoting certain stereotypes of beauty and gender roles.

The stereotypical Barbie typically has a slender figure, tall height, and a physical appearance that is conventionally considered "attractive" by Western standards. Furthermore, she has been noted for her long blonde hair, big eyes, defined lips, and subtle yet featured makeup.

Over the years, Barbie has played a variety of roles and professions, but some criticism has focused on how the doll has been overrepresented in activities related to fashion, beauty and the glamorous lifestyle, which could reinforce stereotypes that girls should focus on appearance and femininity.

However, over time, Mattel, the company behind Barbie, has been working to diversify the doll line and present variety in terms of bodies, ethnicities and professions, in an effort to promote a more inclusive and representative image for girls and boys around the world.

Rare barbie

The rare Barbie doll occurs when a Barbie doll is mistreated, when it is mistreated by some girl or some boy. These rare Barbie dolls can suffer haircuts, amputations of legs, arms or heads, they can also be painted with pens, markers and anything that could harm the doll. In BarbieLand, these types of dolls are separated and repudiated for being different, an act of discrimination that also occurs in real life with people who do not follow society's stereotypes. Fortunately, today there is an active inclusive struggle to normalize what is not stereotyped, as promoted by Barbie with the Barbie Fashionistas dolls.

The question that we ask ourselves, from BarbiePedia about the rare Barbie, is if this Barbie doll can be repaired and once again go back to being the Barbie that she was in her day, when she came out of the box.

Pregnant barbie

A pregnant Barbie doll has never been marketed, in the BarbiePedia catalog database you can find all Barbie brand dolls related to pregnancy at this link

If, after watching the Barbie movie, anyone still has questions about whether Mattel has ever released a pregnant Barbie doll for sale, [Spoiler] reflect on the scene where Mattel's team rejects Midge for exactly that reason.

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