Congost Barbie

Congost Barbie

In the 70s, the United States was suffering an economic crisis as a result of the war with Vietnam, due to this, there were cuts due to enormous losses that the Mattel company had suffered, even Ruth Handler (creator of Barbie) stopped belonging to the company's staff. . To try to make a comeback, Mattel decided to provide licenses to several countries for the manufacturing and distribution of Barbie (and other brands) and thus gain entry into other countries that, due to their political situation, limited exports to promote the growth of the national industry. , to facilitate acceptance by girls and their parents when adapting to the culture of each country.

At that time, Barbie already had “her playmates” and many accessories and sets that complemented her world. Mattel continued to produce its various Barbie lines in the US, in parallel with these companies. Every year, Mattel sent these companies the prototype of the Barbie doll that it was going to manufacture and that the companies also had to manufacture, so it was produced in the US, it was also made in other countries, although in these they always had everything from light to total alterations of the “original” American model, for this reason, we can often know the manufacturer just by seeing the makeup or any characteristic detail of the collaborating manufacturers.

The Barbie made in Spain known as "Barbie Congost" was a historic collaboration between the American company Mattel and the Spanish company Congost. This collaboration began approximately in 1977 and continued until 1984, it did not last even a decade. After 1984, the manufacturing of Barbie dolls in Spain would be carried out by Mattel Spain until 1990. Currently the manufacturing is exclusive by Mattel, they import them to Europe and distribute them among the different countries of the continent.

Congost had the manufacturing and distribution license for Barbie, becoming one of the best-selling and most famous dolls in Spanish history, rivaling Nancy.

The manufacture of the Congost Barbies was based on the molds belonging to Mattel, but the finishes and details were adapted to the Spanish physical type, presenting differences in the hair, makeup and clothing of the dolls compared to the international prototype. Some exclusive models were also created for distribution in Spain, such as Barbie Top Model (1989) or Barbie 10th Anniversary in Spain (1987) dressed by designer Manuel Pertegaz and sold exclusively in Spain. Pertegaz is a must-have doll for Barbie and 80s fashion lovers!

The Congost Barbie is considered a highly valued and desired collectible by doll collectors. Its limited manufacturing and the differences with respect to Barbies manufactured in other countries make it a unique and special piece. The collaboration between Mattel and Congost allowed the distribution of Barbies in Spain adapted to its culture and market, which contributed to the great success of the doll in Spain.

The first Congost Barbies are very easy to recognize by the color change from brown to purple eyebrows due to the passage of time and some pigmentation problem. Afterward, it would no longer happen. The price of these dolls is usually more expensive than average, but only for dolls that are really in good condition.

The Barbie Sun doll from Congost is the inspiration for the later Barbie Famous and Barbie SuperStar.

In 1993, Mattel decided to withdraw the concession to industries in all countries because it had recovered from its losses and to once again have absolute control of the manufacturing of its dolls and other toys that were also manufactured under license during that time.

The CONGOST company

Lluis Congost founded In the 1950s in Barcelona, one of the most important toy companies in Spain during the Golden Age of Toys. They were known both for their own creations and for the manufacturing and marketing of Mattel products in Spain, especially the Barbie doll or the much-remembered Blandi Blud. To the toys manufactured by the company, others were added under Mattel licenses, such as Masters of the Universe, Autocross, the Big Jim articulated doll, Labyrinth.

For those who grew up in that era, it is difficult not to feel nostalgic when hearing the names of memorable toys such as Crazy Fishing, Double Circuit, Space Rescue, Xylomatic, Anti-Aircraft Fire, among others.</ p>

In the case of Master of the Universe, this toy was introduced in Spain in 1984, two years after it went on sale in the United States.

Congost was precisely the company that manufactured the and distributed Series 1, which included the powerful He-Man, Teela, Stratos, Skeletor, Zodac, Beast Man, among others.

Another of Congost's toys that was very successful was Autocross, launched on the market in 1975. This was a toy that consisted of a circuit through which we had to drive a plastic car through of a road, using a steering wheel, and a gear shift.

Congost would become a plastics company in 1990 following the death of the founder, leaving aside the production of toys. From there The name would pass into the hands of Tecnitoys.

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