Barbie™ Blowout Kit Mermade™ x Barbie™
Barbie™ Blowout Kit Mermade™ x Barbie™ Barbie™ Blowout Kit Mermade™ x Barbie™ Barbie™ Blowout Kit Mermade™ x Barbie™

Barbie™ Blowout Kit Mermade™ x Barbie™

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Mermade™ x Barbie™
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Release Date 2023
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Let us introduce you to the totally iconic Barbie™ X Mermade™ collection.  The special collaboration celebrates each generation's love for Barbie™. It is about having fun with your hair to spark your inner confidence & bring big Mermade™ energy. It's dreamy hair for everyone.

The limited edition Barbie™ Blowout Kit by Mermade Hair™ has everything you need to create a big, bouncy blowout. The kit features a custom Zebra print Mermade™ x Barbie™ Blow Dry Brush, a zebra head scarf, a set of 50 x silver & pink hair gems & Barbie™ pink no-crease clips.

Please note this product is excluded from discount promotions and discount codes. 


  • 1 x Barbie™ Blow Dry Brush
  • 50 x Hair Gems
  • 6 x No Crease Clips
  • 1 x Barbie™ Head Scarf 


  • Exclusive Barbie™ edition – featuring the limited edition pink zebra print on the Blow Dry Brush handle
  • Flexible bristles – with tangle-free, boar-free, flexible, and nylon-hybrid bristles, the Mermade Blow-
  • Dry Brush makes it easy to style your hair and create bounce
  • Three heat settings – this tool can be used for every hair type at any length
  • Lightweight design – at 400g, Mermade is the lightest blow-dry brush today
  • Ionic technology – it helps seal your hair cuticle, protects your follicle, creates shine, eliminates frizz, and curbs flyaways
  • Oval brush shape – the 2.3" barrel helps create better curves and more volume
  • Slim grip handle – it makes styling and twirling your mane almost effortless
  • Wet or Dry Use – use on wet hair for a blowout or revive dry hair
  • Powerful + professional grade – 125v~ 50-60Hz 1200W with  8.2ft swivel cord
  • US plug - comes with a US power plug
  • Two (2) Year Warranty + Quality Check Guarantee – your purchase is protected with our Two (2) Year Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee – if you’re not happy with your Mermade Hair tool we will give you a full refund.


Step 1. Start with clean, towel-dried hair and apply a heat protectant. Section hair using No Crease Clips and choose heat setting for Barbie™ Blow Dry Brush.

Step 2. Take one section at a time, starting from the bottom layer and place the oval brush near the root and brush away from the head while gently rotating to create volume.

Step 3. Repeat for all layers and sections of hair. For more curve, wrap the hair around the barrel, twist and hold for a few seconds. Finish with hairspray to hold style in place. 

Step 4. Accessorize hairstyle with Hair Gems. Peel gem off the backing sheet and press onto hair. Finish with hairspray to hold the gems in place. 

Step 5. Finish with Barbie ™ Head Scarf to complete the look and style as desired.


  • Safety stand on all heat tools must be used at all times.
  • All heat tools should only be placed on heat-resistant material.
  • Allow all heat tools to cool down before stowing away.
  • Heated appliances should only be rested on heat proof surfaces.

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