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The Catalog section of the website is dedicated to Barbie dolls and is a thematic catalog containing information on types of dolls, doll accessories, playsets, characters, molds and bodies and much more! Promotional photographs, data on doll and accessory releases, characteristics such as size, hair and eye color, descriptions of clothing and accessories, among others, are presented. In the catalog you can find dolls, playsets, fashion, accessories, vehicles, games and other Barbie toys and the entire universe that surrounds her, as well as the series released, characters, molds, bodies and dolls, etc. Grouped by main characteristics, etc. The catalog supports two languages: Spanish and English. All materials are taken from open sources and are presented for informational purposes. All rights to the content presented belong to their owners. The "Catalog" section does not sell dolls or accessories. The website is not a store and does not advertise the sale of dolls in its own name. Copying materials from the "Catalog" section is permitted if you cite BarbiePedia and include an active link to the source.