Materials for repainting dolls

Materials for repainting dolls

The materials are usually all similar, although the type of doll is different. To get started in the repaint we will need:

  • Cotton or latex gloves (professional makeup artists usually choose the former) to prevent skin oil from affecting the sealant layers.
  • Mask to protect ourselves. It's about your safety and health. Purchase a good mask with disposable filters intended for use with chemical vapors.
  • Artistic brushes or makeup brushes must be fine. Start with nylon bristle brushes, they are much cheaper. They will last less, a year or so, enough time to know what will happen. brushes you are going to use and which ones you are not going to use, when you have this information, buy better quality ones.
    The most necessary sizes are 1, 2, 0, 00
    Super small brushes or very large ones will be more useful when you know their use better. The cheapest makeup brushes you will find in your local beauty store, they do not have to be clinically tested or that they are soft for the skin, you will use them for crafts
  • Airbrush (not essential).
  • Cotton and cotton swabs.
  • Polish remover with or without acetone (or other effective remover) to remove factory paint. To save on costs, buy a large bottle at a beauty supply store. It will always be A bottle of pure acetone and not nail polish remover is more economical, in fact, pure acetone works better, so you will end up using less and spending less time.
  • Bright varnish.
  • Aerosol sealant. If you want to save on costs, buy a cheaper sealer than MSC, the larger or bulk can, you will probably use it with more things.
  • Pastel or watercolor pencils of the best quality we can find.
  • Pastel colors in chalk of the best quality we can find for shading and blushing, eye makeup, etc.
  • Acrylic paints of the best quality we can find.

Note: To save costs on paints, pastels and pencils, buy by piece, do not buy sets.
You can check which Which brands best suit your needs and which ones are not your favorites to work with. It's easier to replace a pencil than a whole set! focused for different jobs.
Think that you don't need a hundred colors to start, you won't use them, just believe me, you won't.

The ideal is to start with 10 or 12 basic colors, which you can mix. To know what What colors will you need and what combinations to make, it is essential that you know the basic concepts of the theory of the color wheel: it will allow you to mix and match colors to complement each other or create new ones. In another blog post we will go into more detail. on this.

The recommended colors for the starter set are:

  • black – to darken the color, or give it better coverage
  • white: to brighten colors, the whites of the eyes and light flickers
  • blue: cyan or navy blue will work
  • green - clean green color
  • yellow: sunny yellow, somewhat warm and bright
  • red: clean, basic red
  • violet: since it is difficult to achieve clean violets in cold tones by mixing paints
  • brown: can darken colors and give them a warmer tone
  • olive green: for more natural looking eyes, like hazel
  • metallic: gold and silver, they really make a difference!


The importance of purchasing quality products is very simple, if you buy poor quality materials, you will get poor quality results.

Always buy the best quality you can afford, otherwise you will just waste your money!

What's more, the bad results will discourage you and you will end up back in the store, buying more things, this time of better quality. In the end, you will spend twice as much money just because you wanted to cut costs too much. The starter game won't cost you anything. a lot, even with top quality materials! Don't hesitate and buy products that are really quality.

Note: Remember that the most expensive is not always the best quality.

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