Wool Hair for dolls

Wool Hair for dolls

Wool hair can be purchased from doll hair suppliers.

Pure wool is obtained from sheep.

This type of "hair" looks and acts like mohair.

This type of "hair" is ideal for more ethereal creations such as fairies, mermaids, etc.

It can be heated without affecting its integrity! Since it is not synthetic, it withstands heat.

You can use dyes with Rit, iDye, Dylon, Tulip and human hair dyes. Always test a small portion first.

Flyaway with a beautiful natural curl.

This type of "hair" is Cruelty-free! (Sellers attest that: "Sheep are never harmed! For more information, consult the supplier.

In toys its use is unknown. As for OOAK creations or handmade products, it is quite common depending on the area. Yarn is usually used more than wool, due to price and availability, but many people prefer to make their Barbie reroots with wool.

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