The psychology of color

The psychology of color

The psychology of color is important, since colors and their tones establish sensations and we have to choose what to choose. we want it to represent the doll that we are going to customize.

“Color is a power that directly influences the soul.” ~ Wassily Kandinsky

Did you know that the colors around you can be influencing your emotions and mental state? Did you know that certain tones can irritate you or, on the contrary, relax and calm you? Well, you should know that the colors that surround you do. that can have an effect on you.

This statement is not new. In fact, many companies design their logos taking into account the colors they use, because in this way they send one message or another to the consumer. When you decorate a store, you also value what it is. Colors are used, since it is almost a necessity that people feel the desire to buy when they are in the market. In the local. But color psychology is not only used to obtain economic benefit.

In art therapy, color is associated with the person's emotions and is a way to influence the patient's physical and mental state. For example, studies have shown that red increases heart rate, which, in turn, causes a surge of adrenaline and makes individuals feel energetic and excited.

Here is a quick summary of the different tones and the feelings they often provoke:

  • Red: excitement, danger, energy, courage, strength, anger.
  • Orange: creativity, excitement, health, happiness, spirit, balance.
  • Yellow: sun, hope, optimism, light, positivity, freshness.
  • Green: health, nature, renewal, generosity, freshness, environment.
  • Blue: freedom, trust, expansion, reliability, faith, inspiration.
  • Purple: royalty, luxury, power, pride, creativity, mystery.
  • White: pure and innocent, cleanliness, peace and virtue. In Eastern and African cultures it is the color of death: the pure soul that leaves.
  • Pink: sweetness, delicacy, friendship and pure love. Our cultural heritage also associates it with the feminine.
  • Grey: Gray has somewhat different connotations depending on the culture. While some people perceive this color as indeterminacy or mediocrity, experts in color psychology give it a different meaning: peace, tenacity and tranquility.
  • Black: Black has negative connotations as it is associated with death, evil or destruction. On the other hand, in ancient Egypt it represented fertility and growth. Due to its relationship with darkness, black symbolizes mystery and the unknown. In the world of fashion, black is the color of elegance, formality and sobriety.

Warm colors tend to generate energy and emotion, and evoke passion, while cold colors calm and relax.

Color psychology

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