Barbie in Princess Power

Barbie in Princess Power

Original television movie.

Original title Barbie in Princess Power

Year 2015

Duration 74 min.

Country United States

Direction Ezekiel Norton

Script Marsha F. Griffin

Music James Dooley

Photography Animation

Cast Animation

Producer Mattel

Genre Animation. Childish. Fantastic | Superheroes. TV Movie

Groups Barbie


Barbie is Kara, a very modern princess with a very normal life. One day, after being kissed by a magical butterfly, Kara discovers that she has incredible super powers that allow her to transform into Super Flash, her secret alter ego who fights crime and flies all over the world. kingdom saving people.

But soon her jealous cousin catches the butterfly and also transforms, this time into Dark Flash, her opponent.

Their rivalry reaches the skies, but when they discover the true enemy of the kingdom, will they be able to put aside their differences and form a superteam? Soar through the skies and discover that there is no power greater than that of friendship!

Complete plot

When she finds the perfect spot in Windemere for her community garden project, Princess Kara suffers an accident while using a flying machine created by her friends, Madison and Makayla. Kara's protective parents warn her that the kingdom is more dangerous than she believes, a sentiment she shares with her advisor, Baron von Ravendale. The baron is considered her wisest and most insightful advisor, so the king and queen trust him, but she secretly wants to take over the kingdom. She first aims to create an elixir to give him superpowers, which will help him & aacute; to achieve her goal. But her pet frog Bruce accidentally knocks over the elixir, which pours down a drain and spills onto a caterpillar, which glows. The caterpillar climbs a tree and creates a cocoon from which it emerges as a bright butterfly.

The baron has his frog Bruce look for the potion ingredients while she goes about her usual activities. Kara herself gains superpowers when she is kissed by a magical butterfly. She discovers her powers the next day and tells Madison and Makayla. Kara discovers that she can fly, has super strength, enhanced agility and realizes that it was the butterfly that gave her powers. Madison and Makayla tell Kara that she can only use her powers to help others, not for personal gain.

While Kara would like to start her community garden project, she knows her parents will refute it. She assumes a superhero alter ego called Super Sparkle, and her friends design her a costume. At a construction site, Super Sparkle rescues his cousin Corinne, a construction worker, and reporter Wes Rivers from being injured. He then realizes that he forgot He leaves a royal reception and hurries back. The bar sees Super Sparke in action and wonders how he got his powers, but focuses on obtaining the remaining ingredients he needs.

Back in her room, Kara tells Madison and Makayla that she will be able to rescue people and capture criminals with her powers. They reveal that they have created a secret base to help her find emergencies. Kara prevents a robbery and the baron finds the last ingredient for the elixir. Kara's sisters, Zooey and Gabby, tell her that they would like to meet Super Sparkle and suggest inviting her to Kara's birthday party next week. Kara goes to save someone from a fire and takes a photo with Wes, who has reported a lot about her since she started. to be a superhero.

On her birthday, Kara sees that she has many fan sites and a tribute music video. At the party, Kara's cousin, Corinne, says that she thinks Super Sparkle is in trouble. overrated, but the king and queen express their gratitude towards Super Sparkle who helps the people in the kingdom. Kara leaves to stop another robbery, and Madison and Makayla distract her parents until she returns. Unaware of her, Kara drops her ring, which Madison and Makayla created to have superhero tools.

Corinne watches Super Sparkle change Kara back, making her the only person besides Madison and Makayla who knows Super Sparkle's true identity. She overhears them saying that the butterfly gave Kara powers, so Corinne tracks down the butterfly and gets a kiss. She gains superpowers and creates a superhero alter ego named Dark Sparkle. Wes finds Kara's ring and the bar finds hers - last ingredient. Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle meet and become rivals.

Wes sees photos of Kara and Super Sparkle wearing the same ring, so he exposes his identity on his blog. His parents forbid him from performing as Super Sparkle, and the bar doubles the ingredients to intensify the powers of his potion. He tells Bruce to free & aacute; to the kingdom of the King of him and will put & aacute; end to Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle. He drinks the elixir, eventually gains superpowers, and attempts to attack the king. Corinne uses her powers to save him, so her family discovers that she is Dark Sparkle.

Kara's pets, Parker and Newton, try to help stop the Baron and find the butterfly, so they can also gain superpowers. The baron attempts to attack Kara's family in a stronghold where they seek protection, but is able to withstand any assault. She goes to Mount Dormant, a volcano, and makes lava flow towards Windemere. Dark Sparkle helps Super Sparkle divert the lava into a lake. Parker and Newton help Dark Sparkle and Super Sparkle stop Bruce and the Baron and imprison them in the fortress. Kara and Corinne decide to work together to make Windemere a better place, and Kara starts her community garden.


There are several references to the Superman franchise.
Princess Kara's name may be a reference to Supergirl's civilian name, Kara Danvers.
Kara says "Truth, justice, Windemere style" . This is a reference to "Truth, Justice, the American Way."
Makayla comments that many superheroes are born on distant planets, like how she was born. Superman on Krypton
When construction worker Super Sparkle saves he says "You got me, but who got you?" Lois Lane says the same thing.

When Madison and Makayla ask Kara if she was bitten by a mutant spider, it is a reference to how Spider-Man got her superpowers. There is another Spider-Man reference when Kara makes the gesture of shooting the doll's web.


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