Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Original title Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Year 2016

Duration 80 min.

Country United States

Direction Andrew Tan, Michael Goguen

Script Kacey Arnold, Kate Boutilier, Kristopher Fogel

Music Toby Chu

Photography Animation

Cast Animation

Producer Arc Animation and Visual Effects, Nelvana Limited

Genre Animation. Adventure. Science fiction. Children | Space adventure

Groups Barbie


Barbie and her pet Palomita fly high on an adventure in space. One day, everything changes when in the blink of an eye the stars of the galaxies begin to dim and stop dancing.

Barbie decides to travel to Capital Planet to join a special rescue team on a mission to save the stars. Once there, she meets the gallic champion Sal-Lee and her new friends.

Barbie soon discovers that if she listens to her heart and with the help of her friends, she can be the leader the entire universe has been waiting for. !

Complete plot

The film begins with the narrator telling about the prophecy that showed how the galaxy will not have More light came as the stars slowed their dance. Everyone is worried because this prophecy could come true. A wise king named King Constantine sends a message to young people who can volunteer to help him restore the stars.

Not far from the kingdom, Barbie is a teenager who lives in a modern tree house with her father and her pet, Pupcorn. Barbie's mother wanted her daughter to grow up in a beautiful and quiet place like Para-Den. Died when Barbie was little but left He found a locket with the song he used to sing to Barbie when she was scared. While she explores the lush green forests, Barbie's hoverboard crashes and she fixes it. She then does her training, distracts her during it. By dinner, a message arrives stating that King Constantine wants volunteers to help him restore the stars. When her father tells her that the volunteer he wants is Barbie, she thinks she can't do it.

After dinner, Barbie and Pupcorn look at the night sky while her father tells her that her mother calls her "Little Starlight" and gives him advice to listen to her heart. or; n of her. Barbie still has doubts, but then she listens to the song and then decides to go help the king.

The next morning, her father left the house. Barbie on the spot and gave her her bag with some important things and Pupcorn inside and also a new pink hover board. On her way, she meets Prince Leo. He picks up her bag as they disappear and are teleported directly to their rooms. When she and Pupcorn are in the bedroom, some little girls tell her where Pupcorn is. and how to get to the ballroom for the event. At night, she opens her bag and finds a beautiful dress and a letter that her father kept. She reads the letter and discovers that it was her mother's dress. She wears it only to discover that it was too big. The dress automatically adjusts to her size.

Although Barbie was late and she was not allowed to run, she had no choice but to run as fast as possible to arrive on time. Artemis had been announcing the names, including Barbie. When she arrives, everyone waits for her to appear. Barbie hesitates at first, but then she is pushed forward and walks proudly and bows before the king. In the ballroom, Barbie makes friends with other members of the same team: Prince Leo (known as the Fly-boy and the only Boy on the team), Sheena, Kareena and Sal-Lee.

Sal-Lee takes Leo dancing, only to leave as he couldn't dance to the beat and stepped on the dance floor. his feet. Barbie notices and tells him how to stay up to date. Barbie unknowingly changes the boring song that is playing then, only to the king's disappointment. He gets angry at her for changing her rules. She had a conversation with her father telling him that she believes the king hates her. Her father encourages her.

She goes to train and meets Sal Lee. When the sun rises, Barbie realizes that she was left alone. She fell asleep when she didn't hear her alarm clock and she was late for training again on her first day. The first part of the training tests defense reflexes and is starring Barbie against Prince Leo. Barbie shows exceptional performance and Leo is asked to sit down. The next part of the test is to reach the destination and complete the race on the hoverboard.

The next day, King Constantine sends Sheena and Kareena to a final test with Barbie, Sal-Lee and Leo. They travel to a planet in the most desolate reaches of the galaxy to search for a Starlian. They find the last known location of the Starlian and Sheena and Kareena suggest using Leo as bait. The team creates a song to lure the Starlian into a trap. Barbie frees the Starlian, thinking that the king wants to keep him in his zoo where he couldn't survive. The King dismissed He takes Barbie from the team and informs the team that they need the Starlian because they need it to protect them from the magnetic storms on their way to the center of the galaxy.

After protesting and fearing that the king had not mentioned it, Sheena and Kareena try to persuade the king to change his mind, but he sends them away for the night. Sal-Lee tells the king that Barbie is a leader and makes the team a real team. The king is not there okay, he then takes Barbie back to the team when she showed up; with a Starlian. The entire team sits on a couch, nervous about Mission Day. Leo finds a guitar and starts playing a song to lighten the mood, but he offers Barbie to play something. He sings the song that his mother always sang to him when he was afraid and soon his friends join him too.

On the central planet, Sheena and Kareena use their powers to bring everyone closer to the center of the planet. They find the heart of the galaxy, and after the Stat-o-Tron fails, Barbie dances and uses her powers to reset the stars and then the magnetic storms clear.

Sheena, Kareena, Sal-Lee, Prince Leo, and Barbie, now crowned Princess Starlight for her achievements, celebrate their victory when Babie's father appears there. and it is very proud of his daughter. The film closes with the king who is now gone. angry at Barbie and dances along with the rest of the team.


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