Barbie Glossary: CLAMSHELL

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Throughout the years this word has been used to call different packagings or covers of the world of collecting. As its own nomenclature indicates ("clam shell") are two sections that fold to save something inside. A few years ago Clamshell nicknames a type of VHS covers (the old video tapes) in which the video tape was well adjusted inside (unlike the vast major In addition, there were different types: Soft Clams (from Disney), Hard Clams (Thorn Emi) and Artwork Clams (Unicorn). But today, it is used to name certain covers in CD, DVD and Blu-ray size, they are finer than the packaging of a VHS was and are cardboard on the outside and plastic inside to put the discs. In short, it is another type of box halfway from Digipack or Snapcase.