Snöprinsessan Barbie

Snöprinsessan Barbie

Researching online and asking some people, I discovered a Barbie doll that was marketed in the early 80s, the 1981-1982 Snöprinsessan Barbie doll, the Snow Princess.

When Mattel launched the seventh doll in the Dolls of the World® series, Eskimo Barbie #3898, an exclusive version was launched for the four Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

There Barbie is not the doll of the "Eskimo" world, but she becomes the "Snow Princess." For this particular edition, the Asian face mold of the Kyra oriental doll is not used, but rather the Caucasian Superstar face mold.

This doll was launched under different names depending on its marketing area. Her name in Swedish is (Snöprinsessa), in Finnish (Luminpressa), in Norwegian it is (Snøprinsesse) and in Danish it is (Sneprinsesse).

Barbie dogsled hundeslede for barbie snoprinsesse / sneprinsessens hundeslaede / snoprinsessans hundslade / lumiprinsessan koirareki

It is known that there is a small advertisement that only occupied half a page in issue 49 of Kalle Anka & C:o, from 1982, which then cost 5:75 (see image of the header).

The advertisement included this text: "Hon är vacker som en dröm, denna riktiga snöprinsessa från de sagolika landet. långt uppw i norr. Nya Barbie hör hemma på de stora snövidderna, där det bara gär att ta sig fram med  hundsläde. Snöprinsessa Barbie och hundsläden säljs var för sig."

And this is her translation into Spanish: "She is beautiful as a dream, this true snow princess from the land of fairy tales. Far up in the north. The new Barbie belongs to the vast expanses of snow, where the only thing that "Whatever you want is a dog sled ride. Barbie Snow Princess and the dog sled are sold separately."

**Do you have more information about this doll and related playsets? Write to me on social networks so I can include it. Thank you for collaborating with Barbiepedia.**

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