It's After 5 again: meet the latest Barbie Silkstone reproduction

It's After 5 again: meet the latest Barbie Silkstone reproduction

When Barbie made her big debut in 1959, boys and girls wanted to dress her in all kinds of fashions. But the dolls usually only came with one outfit, so Mattel introduced fashion packs to expand opportunities for imaginative play.

Some of those early fashions are beloved by Barbie fans and collectors, and our latest doll from the Silkstone Reproduction Collection brings them back beautifully: The Barbie After 5 Silkstone Doll. A Mattel Creations exclusive, this Gold Label doll arrives today at Mattel Creations for $75.00, with a limit of 3 per person.

The game After 5 debuted in 1962, so this is her 60th anniversary. It was produced for three years and hasn't been seen since, unless you've been looking for it on online auction sites, or are lucky enough to stumble upon one in the real world. "After 5 is an iconic set of Barbie from her early years," says Barbie Signature lead designer Bill Greening. “It's sleek, sophisticated and elegant in a clean black and white palette. “It looks like a fashion you might have seen on the Paris catwalks of that era.”

In the ensemble, Barbie wears a black and white princess-style dress with a buttoned wrap bodice and a glamorous organza collar. Her titian ponytail is adorned with a wide-brimmed hat with a decorative black ribbon. Delicate "pearl" earrings, elegant white gloves and open heels complete her look.

Barbie After 5 doll

After 5, or “Fashion Pack #934” For avid collectors, the as a “doll sold separately” product. For our vintage reproduction, we include the doll! It's a Silkstone version of a Barbie that would have been on toy shelves in 1962, says Bill, “with the original Barbie face and body style. The large white hat with velvet ribbon really frames Barbie doll's face beautifully. She also has hand and foot polish painted red to match her lips. And her red hair is up in a classic Barbie ponytail with curly bangs.

As for displaying her in your collection, you would have to take her out of the doll box, and there is a reason why that is the case. “Most of our Silkstone dolls come in closed boxes for safe packaging,” says Vicky Gevorkyan, key lead designer at Barbie Packaging. If you decide to unpack the doll, you will find A doll stand inside to help create your display.

In addition, the box itself It is a work of art in its own right. "It features a beautiful black and white photo of the doll on the front and a large Barbie logo, with a Signature-style black, white and pink color palette," says Vicky. “It's a very vintage-inspired box. Some elements such as the logo and colors are taken and inspired directly from the vintage packaging and updated to fit the new vision of the current collection.

All previous Barbie dolls in the Silkstone Reproduction Collection were sold out, as well as all the Barbie dolls in the Silkstone Reproduction Collection. Don't miss your chance to add Barbie After 5 Silkstone Doll to your own collection. It's a stunning tribute to a fashion that hasn't been seen in decades, and who knows when you'll get another chance to own it.


Translation and adaptation of the article published by Mattel Creations Staff 5 July 27, 2022

Written by Allen Voivod

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