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Celebrate the magic of Barbie with the exciting new Avatar and Achievement system!

At BarbiePedia, we've worked tirelessly to take your experience to the next level. From its creation from the ground up to recent improvements, we are proud to introduce a whole new section that is sure to wow you.

Remember those days when our user system was basic? Well, that's in the past! We've made major improvements, fixing issues like user registration that wasn't working correctly before. Now, you can easily join the BarbiePedia community and enjoy all the features we have prepared for you.

But that is not all. We have taken a big step forward by introducing our unique Avatars and Achievements system. When you register on our page, you will be assigned a default Avatar, but that is only the beginning of your exciting journey. As you explore and participate in our platform, you will unlock new Avatars by completing challenging Achievements. Imagine the excitement of collecting exclusive Avatars and customizing your user!

Our Achievements and Rewards system is designed to keep you engaged and motivated as you immerse yourself in the world of Barbie. Each Achievement presents a series of specific challenges and objectives that you must overcome. When you successfully meet the requirements for an Achievement, you can claim exciting rewards. And best of all, the current rewards are focused on obtaining new Avatars for your profile. It's the perfect opportunity to show off your style and share your love for Barbie!

But wait, there is more. To make this experience even more special, we have created different types of exclusive Avatars. There are different types of Avatars:

  • Common Avatars: These are the most common achievements, the most basic, which every registered and logged-in user can access and complete.
  • Temporary Avatars: These are the Avatars that will only be available to be obtained during a determined period of time. The first of this type will be the Pride 2023 and will be available until July 15, 2023. So don't miss the opportunity to add these jewels to your personal collection of Avatars. They are truly unique and you can only get them here!
  • Special Avatars: They are the most coveted and cool Avatars, getting them usually requires completing complex Achievements.
  • Surprise Avatars: They are surprise Avatars and you cannot specify more or they will no longer be a surprise.

Each Avatar is different and may have one or more requirements to be achieved. On your Avatars page of your account you will find the avatars listed according to:

  • All: It will list all the available Avatars (Acquired and Not achieved) for all the users.
  • Achieved: It will only show the Avatars that you have achieved.
  • Blocked: It will only show the Avatars that you have not yet obtained.
  • To Claim: It will only show the Avatars that you have not yet claimed.

There are Avatars that are easy to get, such as Avatars that are common Achievement rewards. These types of Avatars are designed so that most users can easily get them.

Avatars that are subject to Merit Achievements, such as Competitive Achievements, are much more detailed Avatars with bolder designs.

Each Avatar has its own description where he will tell you:

  • Status (achieved or not achieved).
  • Yes you can assign it.
  • If you have not achieved it, it will link to the page where it will inform you how you can achieve it.

Remember that you have to access your web user account to be able to access the Avatars section and for the achievement requirements to count, if you have not accessed the page you will not be counted.

Currently, it is not possible to share a list with all the Avatars obtained, what you can do is assign the one you like the most and share a List so that everyone can see your coolest Avatar.

We invite you to join our growing community of Barbie enthusiasts. Sign up for BarbiePedia, access your account and discover a world full of fun and surprises. Conquer challenging Achievements, unlock new Avatars, and show off your unique style to all users. You can even share your favorite Avatar through your catalog lists to inspire others to join in on the fun!

Don't waste any more time and join the adventure of Avatars and Achievements on BarbiePedia! We promise you an unforgettable experience as you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Barbie and collect Avatars that reflect your personality. Sign up now and get ready to unlock a universe full of fun and style with Barbie!

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