BP Cardverse - The Collectible Card Game to learn about Barbie

BP Cardverse - The Collectible Card Game to learn about Barbie

Welcome to BP Cardverse, the exciting collectible card game from Barbipedia that will take you to the next level. on a journey through the world of fashion and fun. Although you don't need to be a Barbie expert to play, a basic knowledge of how the game works will help you. To get the most out of it. In BP Cardverse, your goal is to collect cards and packs to build an impressive collection of Barbie doll cards and playsets. Remember that the more Barbie and Playset dolls you know, the more expert you will become in the Barbie universe.

Collect Them All!

The heart of BP Cardverse is the collection of Barbie doll cards and playsets. These cards can vary in rarity, and the rarer the card, the more valuable it is. here There is a description of the rarity qualities you will find in the game:

  1. Common.
  2. Uncommon.
  3. Rare.
  4. Epics.
  5. Legendary.
  6. Mythical.

The most common cards are "Common," but if you are very lucky, you could find an extremely rare "Mythic" card inside a booster pack.

Temporary Cards

Please note that some cards will only be available for a limited time, these cards are known as "temporary." These cards have a start date and an end date so you can purchase them in the Fashion Shop or, if you're very lucky, get them from an envelope. Not all temporary cards will be available in packs, so you may need to purchase them directly from the Fashion Shop.

Rarity Qualities and Colors

Each rarity quality has its own characteristic color on the cards:

  • Common = Pink.
  • Uncommon = Reddish.
  • Rare = Blue rose.
  • Epic = Lilac pink.
  • Legendary = Purple.
  • Mythical = Black.

The cards can be normal or "Shiny," which are special and more exclusive versions. The main difference between them is the color at the bottom of the card and its brightness.

Attributes and Levels

Each card has attributes. The attributes in BP Cardverse are:

  1. Fashion.
  2. Glamour.
  3. Trend.
  4. Chic.
  5. Luxury.

Cards representing Barbie dolls or dolls with playsets have attributes 1 and 2. The "Luxury" attribute varies depending on the rarity of the card, and the "Chic" attribute varies depending on the rarity of the playset cards. Cards that represent playsets have exclusively attributes 3 and 4. 

Level Up and Rarity Quality

You can improve your cards by increasing their rarity quality by using BP points and the cards that allow you to level them up. Each card will indicate the options available and the number of points needed to improve it. So Don't hesitate to improve your cards to have an even more impressive collection!

Recycle your Cards

If you have unwanted or duplicate cards, you can recycle them to get BP points. Keep in mind that once recycled, you will not be able to recover them. Each card will show the amount of points you will earn by recycling it.

Get Cards in Various Ways

You can obtain cards in several ways:

  • Opening envelopes.
  • By purchasing them in the Fashion Shop.
  • As a reward in games and achievements.
  • As a prize in raffles or contests on social networks.

We are currently working on additional ways for players to get more packs and BP points.

Like this, Enter the exciting world of BP Cardverse and start your Barbie doll collecting journey today! With the cards you earn, you can explore the Barbiepedia catalog and learn even more about the dolls and playsets you love.

Let's play!

Please note that BP Cardverse is a constantly evolving game, and if it is successful, it is very likely that it will develop further. ;s gameplay in the future. Stay tuned for updates and new features.

Barbiepedia hopes you enjoy BP Cardverse and build the collection of your dreams!

Note: All percentages and details may be subject to change as the game develops. Stay informed on the web or on social networks and if you have questions, ask me on social networks.

Have fun collecting!

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