Wee 3 Friends Barbie

Wee 3 Friends Barbie

The Barbie Wee 3 Friends dolls belong to the Barbie world although they may seem like a different brand at first glance, since the size and proportions are not the same as the usual Barbie ones.

The line was launched in 2004 and was discontinued in 2007. This collection is based on 3 friends who were born on the same day and always do everything together with their pets and lots of accessories. The dolls were 3 friends:

  • Stacie Roberts, Barbie's middle sister (blonde).
  • Miranda or Lila Hadley, redhead.
  • Alexa or Janet, mulatto and black hair.

Stacie was described as Barbie's eight-year-old sister. Stacie had two best friends named Lila and Janet (sometimes referred to as Miranda and Alexa, respectively), and the three characters shared a birthday. ;os. The trio were close friends who went everywhere and did everything together, and they stuck together no matter what. They were avant-garde and always sold together, so they had mixed and matched fashions. The characters were described as "sweet, elegant, fun-loving and always on the go." They enjoyed playing dress-up, ice skating, ballet dancing and sleepovers. They also enjoyed playing in the snow and rain, and playing and relaxing in the pool.

The dolls were always sold as a trio, that is, they came in packs of 3 dolls and always came in a vinyl case.

The 3 friends live countless adventures, like playing in the snow or splashing in the pool! The theme or style of these 3 dolls was based on the fact that every day they had a new adventure:

  • In the snow, "Snow! Snow! Snow!".
  • Playing in the rain, "Rain, Rain, Rain!".
  • At a birthday party, "Party! Party! Party!".
  • In the pool, "Splash! Splash! Splash!".
  • Dancing ballet, "Dance! Dance! Dance!".
  • etc.

The three child-sized dolls were made to appeal to girls whose favorite things were friendship, fashion and pets. Each character had a pet puppy. The The dolls came with puppies, outfits and accessories for girls to create stories for the characters. The dolls were sold in vinyl cases. There was one game, Splash! ;¡Splash! ¡Splash! pool that was transformed of a tinted box in a pool with accessories. ¡The splash! ¡Splash! ¡Splash! The dolls had a color change function that made It made it look like the dolls were tanned.

The height of Wee 3 friends dolls is 25.6 cm, big head, more suitable for the younger sisters Maisinkam (My Scene), who appeared in in 2002.

You can find Wee 3 Friends with different body types:

  • The first body type had plastic legs that did not bend or separate. They have a little more stopping. (Very comfortable to put pants on). The arms were straight and could be extended to the sides.
  • The second type of body had ordinary legs, they bent in two clicks, the arms, like the first type of body, were straight.
  • The third body type had the legs bent by two clicks, the arms had a hinge at the elbow. These were usually dolls from the Star Team series.

The sets that were released were:

  • 2004 - Snow! Snow! Snow! #G6066
  • 2004 Dance! Dance! Dance! #G6067
  • 2004 - Party! Party! Party! #G5688
  • 2004 - Fun! Fun! Fun! #G5560
  • Dream! Dream! Dream! #G8457
  • Rain! Rain! Rain! #G8456
  • 2005 - Wee 3 Friends™ Dolls Splash! Splash! Splash!™ #G8453
  • 2005 - Wee 3 Friends™ Splash! Splash! Splash!™ Pool #G8455

On the back of the Fun!, Fun!, Fun! pack box. the first pack called Wee 3 Friends&trade appears; Fashion Dolls Stacie, Miranda and Alexa but I haven't been able to find it. Do you know it? Do you have the SKU? Do you have any photographs? Contact me on social networks so I can complete the collection in the Catalog. Thank you for collaborating!

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