Barbie: The Dreamhouse

Barbie: The Dreamhouse

Barbie: Life In the Dreamhouse is a computer animated series, produced by Arc Productions and distributed by Mattel, which premiered on January 20, 2012 and ended on January 20, 2012. in 2015; The series could be seen on Mattel's official website and on its official YouTube channel.

It has been viewed more than 300 million times and has been translated into 21 different languages, including Spanish, reaching 13 million unique visits per month.

Original title Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (TV Series)

Year 2018

Duration 22 min.

Country United States

Direction Patrice Berube, Conrad Helten, Saul Blinkoff, Michael Dowding, Cassandra Mackay

Script Jaya Ramdath, Grant Moran, Dianne Dixon, Jayne Hamil, M.J. Offen, Robin Stein, Andrew Nicholls,  David Chambers, Julie Chambers, Daniel Bryan Franklin, Katiedid Langrock, Nina G. Bargiel, Margaret Dunlap, Valerio Polloni, Dana Starfield, Cynthia True, Darrell Vickers, Ruth Handler

MusicBenjamin Roberts, Math Club

Photography Animation

Cast Animation

Producer Mattel (Distributor: Netflix)

Genre TV series. Animation. Comedy | Family sitcom. Children | Fashion. Webseries / Online Series

Groups Barbie

Synopsis TV series (2018-). Barbie and her best friends, including her neighbor Ken, are the protagonists of these video blogs with their adventures filmed in her family's new dream house.


The series is set in the city of Malibu (California), where according to the series all its inhabitants are plastic dolls. The series focuses on the life of the famous Barbie doll, her sisters, her friends and her boyfriend Ken; In fact, the address of Barbie's Dreamhouse is "Malibá 1959", and her closet has 14 hectares. The series is inspired as a reality show with the confessions of the characters behind the cameras.


  • Barbie: She is the main protagonist of the series, she along with her sisters live in a mansion called Dreamhouse in Malibu, she is a famous and popular girl in her town, but despite that she is kind, humble and of good character.
  • Wardrobe: It is the robot created by Ken in charge of advising Barbie on her style. He is easily manipulated and, although he has a good heart, he becomes the antagonist at times. For more information about his personality, he consults the three laws of robotics. 
  • Skipper: Barbie's younger sister, she is a technology lover. 
  • Stacie: Younger sister of Barbie and Skipper and older than Chelsea, she loves new adventures and sports.
  • Chelsea: Younger sister of Barbie, Skipper and Stacie.
  • Ken: He is Barbie's eternal boyfriend, he pretends to be Barbie's perfect boyfriend, being there to serve her thanks to her "barbie instinct"; He is also a machine maker, but he always makes mistakes, even so. Ken is optimistic.
  • Teresa: she is one of Barbie's best friends, she is often absent-minded and very talkative.
  • Nikki: She is another of Barbie's best friends and is also a friend of Teresa, she runs a fashion blog, and her hobby is taking photographs; Her way of being is daring, open and protective of her friends.
  • Raquelle: She is the main antagonist of the series, she fights with Barbie for Ken's love, she is self-centered and envies Barbie, she is also vain and arrogant, but she is clumsy and often her plans against Barbie fail. They work for you.
  • Ryan: Raquelle's brother, and also the antagonist of the series, he is Ken's rival and does everything to capture Barbie's love, he is a musician so he makes songs for her, he is vain like his sister Raquelle.
  • Midge: Appears from the 3rd; season, she has been Barbie's childhood friend since the 1960s, coming from Willows, Wisconsin, in her first appearance in the series she appeared in the series. in very old-fashioned black and white, and Barbie fixes Midge's image; She is quirky, intelligent, and loves arts and crafts (especially macrame); it is secretly in love with Ryan.
  • Summer: Appears from the 4th season, she is another of Barbie's best friends, she comes from Australia; She is fascinated by sports and adrenaline, in addition to being competitive and hyperactive.
  • Grace: Appears from 8° season, she becomes Barbie's new best friend after meeting in a restaurant, she is a science lover, she is new to Malibú.
  • Blissa: She is Barbie's pet, she is a kitten.
  • Taffy: She is Barbie's other pet, she is a dog.
  • Tawny: It's Barbie's horse.


Character  English Spanish / Spain

Spanish​ / Latin

Barbie Kate Higgins Laura Pastor Paola Mingüer
Ken Sean Hankinson

Jesus Barreda

  • Enzo Fortuny (1st-3rd Season)
  • Arturo Cataño (from the 4th season)
Skipper Paula Rhodes

Carolina Tak

  • Fabiola Paulin (1st-2nd season)
  • Andrea Orozco (from season 3)
Stacie Paula Rhodes Anabel Alonso Vega Melissa Gideón
Chelsea Laura Gerow Carmen Podio
  • Melissa Gedeón(Episode 28)
  • Andrea Arruti
Teresa Katie Crown

Sara Casasnovas

  • Gaby Ugarte (1st season)
  • Jessica Ángeles (since season 2)
  • Liliana Barba (episode 36)
Nikki Nakia Burrise Mercedes Espinosa Cristina Hernández
Raquelle Haviland Stillwell Marta Sainz Karla Falcón Castrejón
Ryan Charlie Bodin

Mónico Antonio Regeredo

  • David Bueno (1st-5th season)
  • Luis Leonardo Suárez (from the 6th season)
Midge Ashlyn Selich Silvia Sarmentera Leyla Rangel
Summer Tara Sands   Liliana Barba



Season Episodes Issue date
January 20, 2012
November 3, 2012
February 2, 2013
September 20, 2013
October 2, 2013
February 5, 2014
July 9, 2014
March 5, 2015


Products for sale

In 2013, various dolls from the "Life in the Dreamhouse" line went on sale, the Barbie characters, Ken, Teresa, Nikki, Raquelle, Midge and Summer, and the Dreamhouse house .

In November of the same year, the company launched the video game called "Barbie Dreamhouse Party", available for Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS and PC.

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