Casual Barbie (Japan) Plaid
Casual Barbie (Japan) Plaid

Casual Barbie (Japan) Plaid

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Release Date 1983
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This doll was known as Takara Barbie until 1986, the year in which its license with Mattel ended. This line of dolls was renamed "Jenny."

Takara Barbie differs from a Western Barbie; a very similar doll called Chabel was marketed in Spain. The Takara Barbie doll was modified to better appeal to Japanese preferences, with a shorter height and a style of large, rounded manga-like eyes and closed mouth. The physical figure of the doll is more natural than the exaggerated figure of the Western Barbie. Like her Western counterpart, this doll wears a wide variety of outfits, often including street fashion, school uniforms, kimono, and other fashions and accessories.

Jenny (ジェニー, Jenī) is a 10½-inch fashion doll produced since 1982 by the Japanese toy company, currently known as Takara Tomy.

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  • Japan

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