Barbie and her sisters in a horse story

Barbie and her sisters in a horse story

"If you love something, set it free."
- Barbie

It is the twenty-sixth Barbie film. It was released on October 22, 2013. The film follows the story of Barbie and her three younger sisters (Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea) visiting their aunt Marlene, who runs an equestrian academy in the Swiss Alps, and Barbie He finds a legendary horse that was believed to be just a fable.

Original title Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale

Year 2013

Duration 72 min.

Country United States

Director Kyran Kelly

Script Steve Granat, Cydne Clark

Music Heavynn Gates, Becky Kneubuhl

Photography Animation

Cast Animation

Producer Mattel, Universal TV

Genre Animation. Children | Horses

Groups Barbie


Barbie and her sisters are ready to live an adventure in the majestic Swiss Alps, and they are excited to spend the summer at a riding school full of fun.

Barbie is looking forward to finding a new horse to take back to Malibu. Stacie is Also very happy to show that she is a wonderful horsewoman.

All Chelsea wants to do is ride the biggest horses, and Skipper, well, let's just say she's into it. more interested in writing about what she sees around her than in living it.

The sisters' vacation gets off to a rocky start, but when Barbie discovers a mysterious wild horse in the woods, her trip becomes truly magical.

Complete plot

Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea will still spend part of the summer in the Swiss Alps visiting her uncle Marlene, who runs a horse breeding ranch/equestrian school called Alpine Academy. Upon arriving at school, the sisters are greeted by their aunt and her children, Max and Marie, who are very excited to see their cousins (especially Marie). They take Barbie and her sisters to their room (which has two bunk beds) and, after unpacking, the sisters begin to pack up their horses.

The girls finally receive their horses:

Barbie, who is the most experienced rider of the four sisters (she is a champion in the United States) can choose her own horse. She heads to the stables where all the thoroughbreds are kept and is soon joined by Marlene. Barbie is not there sure what horse to choose, but she is & aacute; determined to find the right one for her, as she feels it is essential for her to win the Pacific Steeplechase, a major equestrian competition in the United States. Barbie eventually ends up choosing a male horse named Finian as her partner.
Skipper, the most experienced rider after Barbie, chooses a mare named Jennifer.
Stacie, who is a beginner, does not you can choose your own horse; like Marlene, she has to let the horse choose her. She ends up being chosen by a mare named Pepper, who ends up humiliating Stacie at every turn due to the athlete's pride. However, after talking to Barbie, Stacie and Pepper finally begin to get along better. Chelsea, who is a beginner like Stacie, has to let the horse choose her; she ends up being chosen by a pony named Dash. Chelsea is disappointed by this and she wonders why & eacute; she cannot ride a normal horse like her three older sisters: Barbie claims that since Chelsea is too small to ride a full-sized one like her, Skipper and Stacie, and that she will have to aacute; to do it. She waits until she is older or older to be able to do it. Chelsea eventually forms a bond with Dash after Marlene explains that she and Chelsea have a lot in common, such as they both like sweets like marshmallows.
After receiving their horses , Barbie and her sisters go for a ride the next day led by Etienne Cheynet, the riding teacher at Alpine Academy. During the trip, Barbie sees a beautiful horse with a pink stripe in its mane next to a waterfall, but it disappears. Later that night, Barbie notices that that same horse is dead. at the Alpine Academy logo and notice the unusual markings. She goes to Etienne, who is in the stables and sings to a horse to help it calm down, and asks about the horse in the academy logo. Etienne explains to Barbie that the horse is from a fable about an ancient breed called Majestiques and states that there is no evidence that the breed itself is a horse. be (or was) really real. But Philippe Cheynet, Etienne's brother who is also the riding teacher at École Montagne, the Alpine Academy's biggest rival, interrupts them and tells them that the Majestiques do not exist. However, he knows that the Majestiques are real and lies because his brother is & aacute; present.

Barbie rides alone and some wolves scare her horse away. She is saved from the wolves by the horse Majestique she had seen the day before, and flees. The next day, Barbie and Finian rode again and found the horse Majestique with his leg stuck under a rock. To relax the horse, Barbie sings the song she heard before. sing to Etienne and manages to move the stone. She uses her scarf as a bandage to tie around the horse's bleeding leg and names her Majesty. Later, Philippe finds some of Majesty's hair and sees Barbie near her, so he follows her.

Barbie goes out alone and is able to ride Majesty, which Philippe witnesses. Majesty shows Barbie a herd of breeds in the Valley of the Majestiques. Meanwhile, Marlene admits to Skipper that Alpine Academy has a lot of financial problems (too many bills and not enough students enrolled in the school) and reveals that she made a deal with Bridgette Cheynet, the owner of École Montagne, who also bought her. n is Etienne. and Philippe's mother, to sell him the school if they don't win the next Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament (to be held at Alpine Academy this year). Skipper finds Barbie with the Majestiques and explains what she told him about her aunt. Skipper tries to convince Barbie to compete in the tournament instead of Etienne (and with Majesty as her horse), but Barbie is reluctant to do so. Barbie explains to Skipper that the main reason for her is that she is worried that Philippe will find the Majestiques and harm them.

On the opening day of the tournament, Alpine Academy and École Montagne finish tied for first place. While everyone is distracted, Philippe escapes and frees the Alpine Academy's horses to sabotage them. Chelsea sneaks out to ride a big horse and attracts attention by screaming when she's on it. overwhelmed The horse she is on Etienne's arm hurts and he cannot compete. Barbie looks for the horses with Skipper and Jonas, a boy from École Montagne. She realizes that Majesty found & Ó; He took the horses from the academy and took them.

Barbie takes everyone to the Majestiques and they find the other horses. She tells Skipper and Jonas to keep them a secret and they begin to return to the academy with the horses. On the way back, they meet Philippe. Philippe excludes Jonas from École Montagne for helping Barbie find the horses. Philippe tells Barbie that he knows that the Majestiques are still in Alpine lands and that the land and horses will still belong to the École Montagne after the tournament. The only way to save the academy and the Majestiques would be to win the tournament, so Barbie competes in Etienne's place.

Barbie enters the tournament just in time and travels to Alpine on Majesty. Philippe plays dirty and cheats during the race by sabotaging other horses so that Marlene has to sell Alpine and he can find the Majestique horse herd. He causes the saddle to come off of Majesty when she reaches for it, causing Barbie to fall. Barbie and Majesty continue the race without him and manage to win, ultimately making Alpine Academy the winners of the tournament and saving the school. Bridgette congratulates Barbie and Barbie gets a photo of her and her family with Majesty and the trophy. She thanks Marlene for letting her stay at the academy, and Marlene reveals that there are many people interested in the academy now. Although Barbie initially plans to bring Majesty with her back to the United States, she is ultimately hesitant to do so when she realizes how sad Majesty will be to be separated from her or her family. she. Marlene tells Barbie that if she returns, Majesty will return.


This is the first full-length film animated by Arc Productions, followed by Barbie and her sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure.

The Majestique breed was inspired by It was a real breed of horse that Hannibal used. to cross the Swiss Alps.

The plot is similar to that of Barbie A Fashion Fairytale:

Both films involve Barbie visiting an aunt of hers who lives in Europe and owns/operates a business of some kind; Both aunts also have names that begin with "M."

  • Millicent runs a fashion house in Paris, France.
  • Marlene runs an equestrian school/ranch in the Swiss Alps.

The business run by Barbie's aunt is in business. in danger of closing due to some type of financial problems.

  • Millicent's fashion house was losing business to critics and competitors.
  • The Alpine Academy had, as Marlene put it, "too many bills and not enough students."

Barbie and company come up with a way to prevent her aunt's business from closing.

  • Barbie and Millicent's assistant, Marie-Alecia, organize a fashion show.
  • Skipper suggests that she and her sisters compete in the horseback riding tournament to help Alpine Academy win.

An antagonist does something to sabotage the protagonists' efforts.

  • Jacqueline and her assistant, Delphine, kidnap the Flairies.
  • Philippe releases all the horses belonging to Alpine Academy.

Barbie and the rest of the protagonists finally manage to prevent Barbie's aunt's business from being closed.

  • The fashion show at Millicent's fashion house is successful.
  • In addition to Skipper taking first place in dressage and Chelsea taking first place in the Pretty Pony portion (Stacie took second place in her portion of the competition), Barbie wins the final portion of the tournament, which makes Alpine Academy the overall winner of the tournament. competition.

"Pony Tale" is a play on the words "tail and horse."

This is the first film to use the Roberts last name.

The music played during the dance is "A Little Night Music" by Mozart.

The song that Monsieur Etienne (and later Barbie) sings is a French folk song called "Fais Do Do."

Marie says "konichiwa" to Monsiur Etienne at the dance party, which means "hello" in Japanese.

In the episode "Mission Impawsibble" of Barbie: Life at the Dreamhouse series, there is a poster of the logo for this movie in the theater.

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